Coolant Circulation Systems

Nowadays, whenever glass processing machines are used, coolant circulation systems should naturally be on hand as well. Not only do such systems offer significant potential for cutting water costs, but the resulting longer service life of tools also helps to amortise the investment quickly. A nice side effect: your glass processing results are also improved due to optimum cooling and the possibility to use cooling lubricants.

Technical Data:

Type Coolant Circulation Systems

Product highlights

  • Manufactured by Bohle in Germany
  • Water consumption is significantly reduced.
  • Cooling lubricants can be used, resulting in improved glass processing, extended service lives of tools and reduction of effort required for cleaning.
  • Water and waste water connections are not needed at the machine site.
  • No costly drainage systems required
  • Sludge can be easily removed.
  • Special chamber system improves cleaning of the water.


  • Transport roller for KUS 1 - KUS 2-1
  • Coolant concentrate
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