Twin Belt Grinding Machine "Twin Belt" for Dry Grinding

Bohle twin belt grinding machines for dry grinding are ideally suited for these applications thanks to high-performance filtering systems. Scratches are avoided because the glass surface stays clean when grinding.

Technical Data:

Belt speed 15 m/s
Working height 37-3/8 ± 1-3/16 in (950 ± 30 mm)
Working height 37-3/8 ± 1-3/16 in (950 ± 30 mm)
Pneumatic connection 6 bar
Belt speed 15 m/s
Electrical connection 400 V, 3~ N PE, 16 A, 3 KW
Pneumatic connection 6 bar

Product highlights

  • Manufactured by Bohle in Germany
  • Manual machine for dry grinding
  • High quality grinding for Low E soft coat glass
  • Optimum cooling by special air guides
  • Powerful filter technology ensures that workplace conforms to standards
  • Especially high productivity when diamond belts are used
  • Optional air cushion table for easy handling and scratch prevention


  • Castor roller worktable and extensions
  • Air-cushioned table, adjustable to glass weight
  • Support rollers for large glass panes
  • Pneumatic folding stopper for positioning
  • Corner edging devices
  • Filtering system for dry grinding
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