Bohle Verti-Clean Glass Washing Machine

The powerful Bohle Verti-Clean glass washing machine is ideally suited for cleaning flat glass in the workshop or industrial applications. The automatic infeed forwards the glass into the washing area where it is thoroughly cleaned with four brushes.

Product highlights

  • Motor-driven inlet and outlet with shut-off
  • Four brushes clean each glass pane thoroughly and reliably.
  • Thermostat-controlled warm water preparation for consistent cleaning process
  • Optional fresh water rinsing enables optimum cleaning results and prepares the glass for further processing.
  • Silenced and low-noise drying zone with automatic hot-air blower
  • Convenient visual quality control thanks to lighting module on the exit side
  • Space-saving vertical design


  • Entry and exit extensions
  • Damper for hot air
  • Brushes for Low-E
  • Washing Compound for Glass Washing Machines
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