Elevator Tripod

Includes a fast and precise height adjustment thanks to its crank lift

  • The tripod grounts a high adjustable range and, thanks to its crank lift, a fast and precise adjustment. Due to its weight, it supports line lasers, as well as rotary lasers. The integrated "stop straddle" device, together with the crossbars, provide high stability. The central tube has, in addition, an outlet for the plumb points of laser level devices.

Technical Data:

Weight 7.7 lbs (3,5 kg)
Thread 5/8"
For BO 5164040 + BO 5164050
Height 112-5/8 in (max. 286 cm)
Warranty 24 months


  • Includes a quick release
  • Vent for an optical plumb beam.
  • Includes a 'stop straddle' device
  • Crossbars for stabilisation
  • With the rubberized combi feet it can also be used on sensitive floors
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