Sandblasting System SBM 1500 / SBM 2500P

The Bohle SBM sandblasting cabinet, manufactured by the company itself, allows fully automatic sandblasting of designs or surfaces as well as very easy manual spot and surface blasting. In contrast to other systems, the glass remains stationary and the cabinet moves across the glass. This saves space because no entry or exit is required for the glass. Furthermore, by keeping the glass stationary, you eliminate the risk of scratching the backside of the glass.

Technical Data:

Glass thickness 1/8 - 1-9/16 in (3 - 40 mm)
max. glass height 78-3/4 in (2000 mm)
Height 94-1/2 in (2400 mm)
Length 161-7/16 in (4100 mm)
Width 72-13/16 in (1850 mm)
Max. glass length unlimited
Blasting pressure infinitely 7 bar
Blasting performance 10 m²/h
Output 2 kW
Pneumatic connection 8 bar

Product highlights

  • Manufactured by Bohle in Germany
  • Virtually dust-free sandblasting
  • Easy operation with touch screen
  • Automatic blasting, 200 programs can be stored
  • Air cushion supported, manual sandblasting (SBM 1500)
  • Consistent quality of abrasive
  • Modern, space-saving design: As the cabinet moves across the glass, entry and exit areas are no longer necessary. This is why the space requirements of the machine are much smaller compared to the surface which can be blasted.
  • No expensive packaging material: No packaging costs.
  • No time-consuming installation - plug and play: The machine is supplied readily assembled including abrasive agent. Only the transport locks have to be removed, electricity and compressed air must be connected and the machine feet aligned.
  • No additional training required: If you already have sandblasting experience you may not need additional training. The software is self-explanatory and a detailed instruction manual is supplied. Sample programs are already saved to the device.
  • Low compressed air costs: Very good blasting results can be achieved with low pressures starting from 2 bar.
  • Low costs for sandblasting resist tape: Sandblasting with low pressure allows the use of very thin and economic blasting films.
  • Low costs for abrasive: Sandblasting with low pressure is not only beneficial to the machine but also reduces the abrasive wear.
  • Low emission levels: Compared to other machines, the SBM is very quiet and generates very little dust.
  • Templates: For repetitive designs and logos starting from lot size 3, sandblasting templates made of sheet steel offer a high saving potential compared to the use of sandblasting films.
  • Rational working procedures: While the machine is still working, the next job can be prepared and the next objects loaded.


  • Aluminum oxide grain 220
  • High grade corundum, white, 120 μm, iron-free
  • Set of magnets for use with metal templates
  • Additional suction holders on the blasting surface for working with several panes at a time
  • Version with shading programme available
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