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The Sedimentor 2.4P Coolant Cleaning System

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The Sedimentor 2.4P Coolant Cleaning System from Bohle is an intelligent improvement for every... more

The Sedimentor 2.4P Coolant Cleaning System from Bohle is an intelligent improvement for every glass fabricator's grinding and polishing process. It is a completely closed coolant recirculation system that receives dirty grinding water from the grinding machine and through a 2 step process, returns virtually clean water back to the grinding machine's spindles. As a result, the grinding machine can expect to experience improved feed-rates, longer diamond tooling life as well as showing improved glass edge quality. The most significant benefit of the Sedimentor however is the reduction of man-hours lost due to grinding tank cleaning and the disposal of contaminated water with coolant. The system is simpler and easier to maintain compared to a conventional centrifuge whilst utilizing less energy. This is due to the Sedimentor's unique cone shape design that allows for continuous settling of large glass particles during the grinding machines daily operation. A second process utilizing a dry powder flocculant is administered automatically to ultimately filters suspended glass particles up to thirteen thousands of an inch from the water. These flocculated glass particles are then dumped through a solenoid valve in a waste removal bag that can be easily disposed of in an environmentally friendly method. The dry powder flocculant, exclusive to the Bohle Sedimentor, is both biodegradable and 100% corrosive free unlike liquid flocculants that contain high levels of salt. The salts have been attributed to accelerated machine breakdown. The dispensing system has a unique screw-conveyer that does not allow for accidental overdosing and the bypass control method does not allow for the flocculant to enter into the grinding cycle. At a cost price of under $ 24,000 (installation included), the Bohle Sedimentor is aimed at the small to large glass fabricator. By integrating the Sedimentor into an existing grinding machine process, the fabricator can look expect a return on investment in as little as 11 months. The Sedimentor 2.4P cleans up to 15lbs of glass particles per hour through either one or multiple grinding machines. This coupled with an extremely compact space-saving footprint makes the Sedimentor 2.4P ideal for any glass shop. The UL listed, German manufacturer Bohle Sedimentor 2.4P is a proactive solution for an environmentally conscious business owner looking to improve his process and final glass product.

  • Electrical connection 2 kW, 400 V, 50 Hz, 3NPE

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Product highlights

  • Manufactured by Bohle in Germany
  • Uses a low cost dry flocculant that is both biodegradable and 100% corrosive free
  • Improved grinding and polishing results
  • Programmable PLC for automatic functioning and accurate dosing
  • Compact, space-saving footprint
  • A decentralized solution that directly connects to the grinding process
  • Removes up to 15 lbs of glass grind from the coolant system per hour
  • Reduced fresh water costs
  • Reduced waste water costs
  • Environmental protection
  • Longer service life of tools
  • Prevention of machine corrosion
  • Cost reduction of subsequent processes (e. g. washing)
  • Compact system for one or several machines
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Automatic operation
  • Also compatible with coolants
  • Low operating expenses (costs for sedimentation granules, energy)
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  • Dry powder flocculant
  • pumps for return flow
  • disposable filter bags for removal of glass sludge
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