Power Tools for Glass Grinding

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Power Tools for Glass Grinding

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Abrasive Diamond Cartridges Abrasive Diamond Cartridges
For grinding even the smallest and most difficult-to-process bore holes, radii and cut-outs · abrasive diamond cartridges are mounted onto supports BO 5007546 · N = for grinding · R = for polishing
Abrasive diamond ring, "T" Abrasive diamond ring, "T"
For corner edging device on twin belt grinding machines
Multi-Purpose Sander 9031 Multi-Purpose Sander 9031
For dry edging and arrissing of glass and similar materials · infinitely variable · easy use in difficult-to-reach spots due to removable swivelling handle · long gliding shoe for even grinding
Pneumatic Drilling Machine DB 10 with quick-action chuck and cooling system Pneumatic Drilling Machine DB 10 with quick-action chuck...
Metabo basic machine, retrofitted by Bohle for use as a water-cooled glass processing machine (order reduction nose BO 80.BG103 separately). For grinding tasks use in conjunction with abrasive diamond cartridges or other abrasive...
Support for Abrasive Cartridges Support for Abrasive Cartridges
Elastic rubber body with skewed slits for attaching and exchanging abrasive cartridges
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