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Polishing Gel containing Cerium

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Cero-Gel is a high quality polishing agent based on cerium oxide - a product made of rare earth... more

Cero-Gel is a high quality polishing agent based on cerium oxide - a product made of rare earth elements. It excels due to the amount of dirt and grime it removes and the high brilliance of polished surfaces. Cero-Gel was especially developed for the window and glass industry. Hairline scratches, the first signs of glass corrosion or stains caused by cement, concrete or silicone can be easily removed in this way. Using supreme quality components allows the gel to be applied systematically and precisely. Cero-Gel can be applied manually with a suitable polishing cloth (microfibre cloth). In case of persistent contamination and hairline scratches, it is best to use a manual polishing device. As economy version we recommend the Bohle felt polishing wheel BO 5007901 together with a cordless drilling machine or, for larger surfaces, the Flex glass polisher BO 5300809 together with felt disc BO 5300811. For final polishing, we recommend Radora Brillant BO 5008003 or simply clean with water. Benefits: - Handy aerosol can - Simple application and immediately ready to use - Polishing gel - no dripping, even on vertical surfaces - Can be applied in any position - 360° Target groups and applications: - Glaziers from trade and industry - Window manufacturers - Facade cleaners - Surface polish for glass, stone, ceramic and natural stone - Solar glass cleaners - Hairline scratch polish

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  • The optimum polishing temperature of the glass surface lies between + 50° and + 60° C. In order to avoid partial overheating or even breaking of glass, the corresponding area should be cooled with clear tap water, e.g. from a spray bottle, during polishing.

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