General Accessories for Grinding

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General Accessories for Grinding

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ALL-Stabilo Pen ALL-Stabilo Pen
Fibre-tip marker for glass, paper, plastic and metal
Abrasive Diamond Hand Pad Abrasive Diamond Hand Pad
Smooths and grinds glass edges, ceramic, granite etc. · can be used wet or dry · excellent, long-lasting abrasive capacity · firm grinding area
Abrasive Diamond Hand Pad Diapad Abrasive Diamond Hand Pad Diapad
Flexible grinding area · smooths and grinds glass edges, ceramic and granite · can be used wet or dry
Diamond-faced Hand Files Diamond-faced Hand Files
For de-burring glass, ceramic and acrylic glass · in 2 sizes: 3/4" x 1-7/16" (19 x 37 mm) and 1/2" x 1-3/4" (12 x 44 mm)
Felt Polishing Wheel Felt Polishing Wheel
With bonded shaft ø 6 mm · for removing small scratches or "blind" areas on glass in connection with polishing compound
Flocculant Flocculant
Binds the fine suspended particles in the coolant of glass processing machines, allowing sedimentation. Thus it is possible to achieve virtually clear water in the system.
Glass Marking Crayon Glass Marking Crayon
Ideal for marking glass prior to fabrication · suitable for wet glass· comes off in washing machine · no danger of corrosion
One-way Filter Bag for Sludge Drainage One-way Filter Bag for Sludge Drainage
Especially strong filter fabric with 4 carrying loops · for drainage of glass sludge · suitable for Bohle Sedimentor water cleaning systems
Grinding and polishing oil Grinding and polishing oil
For use on metals and glass Reduces belt loading Improves finishes
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