Veribor® Aluminum Suction Lifter with Priming Pump, in Case

Pump-activated suction lifter made of aluminum with a special suction pad for curved or highly textured surfaces · Due to its strongly curved rubber pad, this suction lifter must first be pressed firmly onto the respective surface, only then is the air between the surface and the rubber pad removed with the aid of the priming pump. The red ring at the pump tappet enables the permanent visual monitoring of the vacuum.

  • working radius min. 20" (500 mm)

Technical Data:

Suction pad ø 8-11/16 in (ø 220 mm)
Number of suction pads 1
suitable for curved materials
suitable for Glass
suitable for Metal
suitable for marble / stoneware
suitable for coated wood
suitable for Plastic
with vacuum gauge
with CE sign

Additional Information:

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