Veribor® blue line 3-cup Suction Lifter, Aluminum

Universal suction lifter from the Veribor® series for carrying and lifting different loads. The blue line series stands out due to its combination of modern, high-performance materials and the high stability of aluminium together with an ergonomic, user-friendly plastic handle. Suitable for all materials with flat, airtight surfaces. The suction lifter must be pressed firmly, with the rubber pad relaxed, onto the respective surface. When you activate the lever, you will clearly notice the resistance caused by generating the vacuum.

Technical Data:

Suction pad ø 4-3/4 in (ø 120 mm)
Number of suction pads 3
suitable for Glass
suitable for Plastic
suitable for Metal
suitable for coated wood
suitable for marble / stoneware
with CE sign

Additional Information:

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