Veribor® blue line Suction Lifter, 2-Cup, Aluminum, Handle Lengthwise

Suction lifter for various loads · 602.42BL, equipped with an additional sealing lip, is also suitable for slightly curved or textured surfaces · Spare suction discs are supplied complete with suction pad, lever, bolt, spring and pressure plate.

  • Optionally: These practical carrying cases are ideal for protecting and storing your Veribor® blue line lever-activated suction lifters safely. The cases have been designed to accommodate the specific suction lifters and thus protect them against damage. The carrying cases always include 2 of the desired Veribor® lever-activated suction lifters.

Technical Data:

Type of vacuum generation Lever-Activated Suction Lifters
Suction pad ø 4-3/4 in (ø 120 mm)
Number of suction pads 2
Material Aluminum
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