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Veribor® Suction Lifter, 2 Plastic Swivel Heads

Technical Data

Type of vacuum generation Lever-Activated Suction Lifters
Lifting direction parallel
Material of Suction Lifter Plastic
Surface geometry curved
Suction pad ø 4-3/4 in (ø 120 mm)
Number of suction pads 2
Vacuum gauge no
GS certified no
Load capacity kg

Additional Information:

Quick and efficient handling of unwieldy objects · ideal for handling smaller objects due to... more
  • Makes working with unwieldy parts quicker and more effective · suitable for all materials with airtight surfaces such as glass, plastic, metal, coated wood and marble · the elongated holes in the articulated joints (BO 602.22A) makes it possible to transport panels which are curved beyond standard
  • On an order quantity of 1000 or more, on request you can have your company logo printed on the plastic body and choose its colour

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