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BriteGuard® Surface FINISHER

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Safety data sheets can be found in the “Quick links” section of the website, at the bottom of the page.

Technical Data

Application Cleaning
Surface texture smooth

Additional Information:

  • Hazardous material

This article will only be available for a short time. We recommend our new BriteGuard Pro (BO 5850500), providing surface protection in a matter of seconds.

  • When smooth surfaces have been coated, you also need Surface Finisher for the final cleaning. Rough surfaces only need to be polished after they have been coated with Surface Sealer X.

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Alternative products
BriteGuard® Surface FINISHER BriteGuard® Surface FINISHER
BO 5841000

BO 5841000 (Description: Contents 0.26 gal (1 l))

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