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BriteGuard® Limescale Remover

BriteGuard® Limescale Remover

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  • BriteGuard® Limescale Remover is a mild, slightly viscous cleaner on the basis of natural organic acids. It is conceived for easy removal of stubborn limescale deposits. The product is suitable for use on glass or ceramic, metal and other acid-proof surfaces. Especially sensitive, high-quality materials can be cleaned gently. In case of unknown surfaces, check them for suitability in an unobtrusive area. BriteGuard® Limescale Remover was developed for removing limescale deposits. In addition, water may also contain other particles which can leave residues on the surface. These might need to be removed with an additional cleaner. For maintenance cleaning, apply the Limescale Remover diluted in a ratio of 1:5 to 1:10 and allow it to take effect. Subsequently, remove the dirt with a soft pad or a brush and rinse with plenty of water. Can be used undiluted for extreme contamination, repeat the cleaning procedure if necessary.
  • For sensitive surfaces
  • powerful
  • mild, natural acid components
  • slightly viscous
  • environmentally friendly and biologically degradable

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