Willach Portavant 80 automatic

Did you think that due to their complex technology, automatic sliding door systems are only affordable in shopping malls or big hotels and that all electrical installations have to be done by a qualified professional? That´s far from the truth! Thanks to the low movement energy required and its intelligent control mechanism, Portavant 80 automatic can completely do without closing edge monitoring and thus addresses a broad target group at an attractive price. Whether it is installed in private living environments, offices, doctors' surgeries, hotels or restaurants, Portavant 80 automatic opens and closes all doors automatically and keeps your customers´ hands free! The electrical connection can be carried out in only three steps with the well thought-out Plug&Go system. Portavant 80 automatic works for almost any application, regardless of whether one or two doors are involved. It can also be used for fixed sidelights and glass/wall installations!