HAWA-Purolino-PLUS 80 Set without Top Tracks

The HAWA-Purolino-PLUS 80 is ideal not only for wall and ceiling mounting but also for recessed ceiling applications. The two ceiling-mounting variants can be designed with or without fixed glass elements. The relevant components such as trolley, track stop and SoftMove 80 can be fitted and removed from underneath for each of the construction types. HAWA-Purolino-PLUS 80 makes an aesthetically appealing impression all round thanks to the cover and screen profiles that simply clip on when installation is complete.

The suspension wedges set new standards with regard to ease and speed when installing and adjusting the height of sliding glass doors. Firstly, because the wedges simply slide into the trolleys; secondly, because the soft closing mechanism SoftMove 80 for the HAWA-Purolino-PLUS 80 attaches to the left-hand suspension wedge with no need for additional components

  • Height adjustable

Technical Data:

Door weight 176 lbs (up to 80 kg)
Glass thickness 5/16, 3/8, 1/2 in (tempered glass 8 / 10 / 12 (12,7) mm)
Door width 23-5/8, 33-7/16 in (600 / 850 mm)
Glass thickness 5/16 - 1/2 in (for laminated glass made of tempered glass 8,76 - 12,76 mm)
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