HAWA-Junior 80/GP Sliding Door Hardware Set

The Junior 80/GP sliding door hardware set by Hawa has set new standards for sliding glass door hardware. With its unobtrusive patch suspension it ensures that the visual qualities of any glass construction are shown to full advantage. Its various types of cover caps give it the finishing touch: round, square, with stainless steel look or matt chrome-plated. Acoustically it has also set new standards: with its smooth and quiet operation and special floor guide that prevents rattling. The Junior 80/GP sliding door hardware by Hawa is remarkably simple to install: the suspension is fitted from the interior, thus providing protection against break-ins.

With patch suspension for all-glass sliding doors · vertical adjustment · when additional profiles are used, fixed glazings without visible fittings are possible · for constructions with two doors, please order two single door sets

Technical Data:

Door weight 176 lbs (up to 80 kg)
Glass thickness 5/16, 3/8, 1/2 in (tempered glass 8 / 10 / 12 (12,7) mm)
Glass thickness 5/16 - 1/2 in (laminated glass 8,7 - 12,7 mm)

Please note:

Profile needs to ordered separately

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