HAWA-Junior 80/GL Sliding Door Hardware Set

Ideal for designers and architects who prefer an unobtrusive, straight-lined design. Once again the tried and tested system proves itself. All-glass doors up to 1200 mm wide and weighing up to 80 kg slide with unrivalled ease and quiet. The stopper technology with adjustable retainers ensures optimal comfort and user friendliness. The aluminium cover plates fit easily, using patented rubber clips which also prevent water from leaking into the profile. Wherever rooms need closing with unobtrusive, reliable all-glass sliding doors at optimum price/performance, e.g. in hotels, restaurants, conference rooms, airports, office buildings, or even private residential interiors and outdoor applications.

With cover plate for all-glass sliding doors · vertical adjustment · when additional profiles are used, fixed glazings without visible fittings are possible · for constructions with two doors please order two single door sets GB = Glass width · GH = Glass height · STH = Height of sliding door · STB = Width of sliding door

Technical Data:

Door weight 176 lbs (up to 80 kg)
Glass thickness 5/16, 3/8, 3/8 in (tempered glass 8 / 9,5 / 10 mm)
Door width 47-1/4 in (max. 1200 mm)
profile height 2-9/16 in (65 mm)

Please note:

Profile needs to ordered separately

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