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FrameTec Select 2.0 Aluminium frame complete sets

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Technical Data

Material Aluminum
Length – in (– mm)
Line FrameTec Select 2.0

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Glass partition walls flood rooms with light and provide unequalled transparency. They create a... more

Glass partition walls flood rooms with light and provide unequalled transparency. They create a modern atmosphere and save the installer an lot of effort and additional costs, which also makes this system attractive from an economic point of view. This is especially true if these partitions, like FrameTec Select 2.0, stand out thanks to their numerous and flexible installation options, for example, with a single door, with overpanel or sidelight.
FrameTec Select 2.0 appeals through the unobtrusive, uniform appearance of the whole system. Frame and glazing profiles have the same, low depth of 36.5 mm and therefore provide a straight-lined design, which conveys a particularly harmonious and lightweight appearance.
The door hinges are anchored into the multi-functional running track with the aid of retainer plates concealed behind a narrow cover profile. The door is suitable for use on left and right opening hinges and strike plate do not need to be milled. The frame is prepared for 5/16- 3/8” ( 8 - 10.76 mm) tempered/laminated safety glass doors with a rebate depth of 24 mm. Please see the “Door Fittings” section for suitable locks and special frame hinges. We recommend the suitable, two-part glazing profiles for connecting fixed sidelight and overpanel.

  • Glass thickness: Door: 5/16” - 3/8” (8- 10 mm) tempered glass; 5/16. - 7/16” ( 8.76 - 10.76) mm laminated safety glass; fixed sidelight/overpanel: 5/16 -1/2” ( 8 - 12 mm) tempered glass; 5/16. - 1/2” ( 8.76 - 13.52) mm laminated safety glass
  • Sealing strip color: grey
  • Profiles are mitred and can be trimmed individually.
  • Please order sealing strips for fixed sidelights and overpanel glazings separately, depending on glass thickness.
  • Please order the strike plate separately.
  • Starting from a door height >86-5/8” (>2200 mm), we recommend using 3 hinges.
  • Note: The glass processing required for the door hinges deviates from the standard.
  • Note: The cover profile must be trimmed on site.

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What is included in delivery?
Number Unit Description
3x Frame profile
3x Cover profile
2x Corner Connector
1x Rebate gasket grey
1 2 or 3 retainer plates for aluminum frame hinges (BO 5206663, BO 5206664, BO 5206668, BO 5206669)
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