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45-1/4" Locking Ladder Pull Down Locking

Ordering Information:

Specify the following, overall length, CTC for mounting posts, and distance from finished floor to cylinder (Ordering forms available)

Technical Data

Also UV adhesive can be used for bonding Ladder Pull
Width (ø) 1-1/4 in (32 mm)
Length (L) 45-1/4 in (1150 mm)
Depth (H) 2-1/8 in (54 mm)
Distance between hole centres (C-C) 36 in (915 mm)
Material stainless steel AISI 304
Glass thickness – in (– mm)
Glass processing yes

Standard Finishes: US32 Polished Stainless, US32D Satin Stainless

  • Non Standard Finishes: ECoat US3 Polished Brass/US4 Satin Brass, US9 Polished Bronze/US10 Satin Bronze, US10B Oil Rubbed Bronze and Powder Coat in many colors
  • Functions: Keyed Outside / Thumb Turn inside – standard or ADA
  • Keying: SFIC (small format interchangeable core) or LFIC (large format interchangeable core)
  • Bohle-Americas standard cylinder location is 42"above finished floor
  • ADA compliant thumb turn available
  • Half Height pulls for top and bottom locking
  • Full height pulls for single or dual locking options
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA
  • Glass Fabrication: for 1/2” glass – 3/4”dia hole at lock, 5/8”dia hole at bottom post
  • Can be mounted on glass, metal and wood doors (specify thickness)
  • Dustproof fl oor and top strikes available

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