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Bohle MasterTrack® FT Components

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Line Bohle MasterTrack® FT

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With MasterTrack® FT Bohle offers a new high-tech complete solution for sliding door systems... more

With MasterTrack® FT Bohle offers a new high-tech complete solution for sliding door systems which stands out due to its revolutionary running smoothness and palpable ease of movement. What is so special about it: The entire installation requires only a few simple steps. Mounting is as quick, intuitive and thus cost-effective.

  • Extrusion Set: The running track is pre-drilled.
  • Bohle MasterTrack® FT Carriage Set Including Damping Mechanism Damper: The innovative damper slows down the sliding door softly and seamlessly in one movement. The dampers are always constructed identically, ranging from the light to the heavy weight classes. The only difference: They vary in length in order to enable optimal damping and retracting of the different weight classes.
  • Bohle MasterTrack® FT Bottom Guide: The bottom guide consists of two separate pieces.
  • Bohle MasterTrack® FT Cover Cap Set: Track end caps
  • Bohle MasterTrack® FT Cover Cap Set for Fixed Sidelite: Track end caps for fixed sidelite
  • Bohle MasterTrack® FT Accessory Set Synchro: Used to operate two doors simultaneously, the synchro kit attaches to the roller hardware through a toothed pulley cable. Please note minimum door widths: MasterTrack 80: 34” (865 mm), MasterTrack 150: 38-1/2” (980 mm)
  • Soffit Cover: Closes track opening in areas where sliding panel does not travel
  • Wall Mount Spacer and Glass Mount Adapter: The multi-purpose wall mount profile is used to provide an additional 9/16” (11 mm) clearance for complex site-conditions such as base boards or molding. In addition, the wall mount profile can be attached to transom glass walls using the glass mount accessory kit.

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Product highlights

  • Impressive roller smoothness
  • Exceptional ease of movement
  • Soft closing and opening mechanisms
  • Anti-jump protection
  • Elegant appearance
  • Intuitive and cost-effective installation
  • All adjustments can be conveniently carried out from the front.
  • Maintenance-free upon installation
  • Modular system in all weight classes
  • All-metal dampers with high-quality hydraulics and a double-sided spring guide
What is included in delivery?
Number Unit Description
2x Carriages (Only in Carriage set incl. damping mechanism)
2x Soft-Close (Only in Carriage set incl. damping mechanism)
2x Trigger for damping mechanism (Only in Carriage set incl. damping mechanism)
1x Bottom Guide (Only in Bottom Guide)
2x End Caps (only with side-mount kits)
1x Synchronous converter set (Only in Synchronous converter set)
1x Top Track (Only in Profile Set)
1x Cover (Only in Profile Set)
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