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FrameTec Select 2.0 Glazing profile

Technical Data

Outer frame dimensions – in (– mm)
Door dimension – in (– mm)
Material Aluminum
Length 196 in (5000 mm)
Line FrameTec Select 2.0

Additional Information:

FrameTec Select 2.0 appeals through the unobtrusive, uniform appearance of the whole system.... more

FrameTec Select 2.0 appeals through the unobtrusive, uniform appearance of the whole system. Frame and glazing profiles have the same, low depth of 36.5 mm and therefore provide a straight-lined design, which conveys a particularly harmonious and lightweight appearance.
The depth adjustability of the glazing profiles enables a harmonious appearance. The glass panes are safely clamped with the aid of high-quality sealing strips – completely without the need of any glass processing.
Thanks to the combination of the two-part (BO 5220840 - 42) and one-part (BO 5220843 - 45) glazing channels, installation is simple and fast. When installing, the glass is safely supported by the upper one-part glazing channel which prevents it from moving. The two-part glazing channel, installed both on the floor and on the wall, consists of a basic profile and a terminal strip which fixes the glazing with the aid of a wedge seal.

  • Glass thickness tempered glass 5/16" - 15/32" (8 - 12 mm), laminated glass 3/8" - 35/64" (8.76 - 13.52 mm)
  • Please order corner connectors and sealing strips separately, depending on the glass thickness.
  • The sealing strips are available in black or grey.
  • The 45 degree miter-cut glazing channels are connected by corner connectors BO 5220815.
  • Different installation options can be implemented when using the two-part glazing channels (BO 5220840 - 42).

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  • BO 5220815 Corner Connector
  • BO 5220821 - BO 5220822 Basic sealing strips for fixed and transom glazings
  • BO 5220823 - BO 5220830 Wedge seal for fixed and transom glazings
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