Turntable Bearing

These bearings from Bohle are ideal for the construction of rotating glass objects (tabletops, TV stands, etc.). The solid construction with high-precision bearings provides a long service life even if subject to permanently high loads. The bearings are completely made of stainless steel and can be bonded with Bohle UV adhesives. When mounting, please ensure that the load is centered evenly.

  • Stainless steel · especially smooth running due to needle or ball-bearing guides · turntable bearing has 3 x ø 1/4" (6mm) bore holes and can be bonded to glass or screwed onto wood or metal · nut must be freely accessible · bore hole in base plate ø 1-3/16" (30mm)

Technical Data:

Packaging unit 1 pc
Glass diameter 31-1/2 in (max. 800 mm)
Max. load 264 lbs (approx. 120 kg)
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