UV Lamp UVA-Star "Long Light XL"

White light · especially lightweight due to separate transformer · long service life of fluorescent tube · short exposure times by having shorter distance to bonding site · uniform, tension-free UV exposure to longer bonding lengths · precise positioning by using separate stand: both hands are free · especially good value for the money

  • This UV lamp with an effective work length of 1760 mm has been developed for professional requirements and cures longer bonding distances tensionfree in a relatively short time (depending on adhesive layer thickness and UVA transmittance of the bonding parts, approx. 30 seconds to pre-cure the bond and 3 to 4 minutes to achieve final strength). The supporting stand allows the reflector of the lamp to be turned freely. Without the stand, the UVA lamp is simply turned around when not in use.

Technical Data:

Work length 1760 mm
Version 230 V, 110 W

Additional Information:

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