UV-LED Lamp Twin LED Verifix®

The new “Twin LED“ UV-LED lamp is suitable for bonds with a diameter of approx. 100 mm. The lamp achieves an even distribution of light intensity over the entire surface, which enables tension-free bonds. The size of the cone of light can be adjusted via the distance of the lamp to the bonding joint. The “Twin LED“ is equipped with two integrated LEDs. This offers the possibility to switch between the wavelengths of 365 nm and 395 nm. That is why the lamp can be used both for UVA and light curing adhesives. In addition, curing both through UV transmitting glass, such as float glass or tempered glass, or UV absorbing glass like laminated safety glass or coloured float glass is possible. The “Twin LED“ is small, handy and lightweight. It is ideally suited for bonding metal parts. The lamp operates silently and does not become hot over time, which enables convenient handling.The integrated battery makes the “Twin LED” a mobile device, independent from a specific work place. In particular complicated bonds, such as bonding metal parts to already finished objects, for example showcases which can hardly be moved anymore, can now be carried out easily and conveniently. If the construction site is still a shell construction, the previous installation of power lines is no longer necessary. Battery performance is constantly monitored. As soon as the battery is too weak to supply the LED with sufficient energy, the LED switches off automatically. If the LED lamp is permanently operated, the battery life amounts to approx. 2 hours. The display of the "Twin LED" continues working until the battery is finally empty. The battery can be charged with the supplied power cable. The LED can be used while charging. After switching it on, the “Twin LED“ is immediately ready for use. The device is operated with four keys. Different curing times can be programmed via 3 timers. The lamp is also additionally endowed with a stop watch function. When used stationary, the “Twin LED“ is equipped with several screw fixing points for connecting a tripod, for example. Please note: Very high performance, short curing times!

Technical Data:

Type of Lamp LED
Powered by /
Power comsumption – W
Exposure area ø 3-15/16 in (ø 100 mm)
Wavelength ·

Additional Information:

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