UV Adhesive Verifix® B 678-0 Lamifix with Spacers

The spacers added to the Verifix® B 678-0 adhesive guarantee that the required minimum adhesive layer thickness is reached. This makes sure that, when bonding very heavy glass parts, sufficient adhesive is distributed between the bonding parts. Depending on the bonding process, this method has also proven useful for surface bonding in order to maintain the minimum adhesive layer thickness. The spacers do not interfere with the technical properties of the adhesive. Please read the supplied processing guidelines carefully. If you have any questions, our application technicians will be happy to assist you.

  • Contents 2.2 lbs (1000 g)

Technical Data:

adhesive system UV Adhesive
curing mechanism ·
Application surface bonding
Construction closed
Viscosity without capillary action
Color clear transparent
moisture resistant yes
Spacers yes

Please note:

You will find the corresponding safety data sheets under Downloads.


  • For three dimensional bonds · for bonding laminated safety glass · for bonding glass types with low light transmission (coloured glass)

Additional Information:

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