UV Adhesive Verifix® LV 740

This UVA-curing adhesive is a low viscosity adhesive and, due to its extremely good capillary action, is exceptionally suitable for bonding glass to glass or tempered glass to tempered glass. It is especially distinguished by its high bonding strength coupled with good elasticity. Its special composition makes the Verifix LV 740 optically clear and provides long-term protection against yellowing. This adhesive is used when looks are extremely important, e.g. in the construction of showcases, glass furniture, etc.. Also especially worth mentioning is its good resistance to moisture. The main fields of application are objects or glass constructions subject to static as well as dynamic forces. Reduced clean-up time means that production cycles can be done quickly and efficiently.

  • Shelf life in original packaging: 18 months from the date of manufacture

Technical Data:

adhesive system UV Adhesive
curing mechanism UV curing
Application edge bonding
Construction ·
Viscosity capillary action
Color clear transparent
moisture resistant yes
Spacers no

Please note:

You will find the corresponding safety data sheets under Downloads.


  • Two and three dimensional glass constructions · Static and dynamic loads · Quick, efficient production cycles

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