2 K Silicone Verifix®

Bohle has developed the Verifix® two-component silicone adhesive especially for bonding glass surfaces. The product is ideal for use on mouth-blown and flashed glass, rolled stained glass or fusing glass, and of course for perfectly transparent, bubble-free float glass bonds. Supporting panes such as door panels, all-glass doors or partitions can be bonded on their entire surfaces. Single smaller objects can be bonded to a larger surface in one go. The bothersome weighing of compound components is no longer required as the product can be mixed in a 1:1 ratio - only a single measuring cup is needed. In addition, the mixed silicone does not require vacuum degassing. Larger sizes on request. Suitable for exterior applications, waterproof, UV-stable, yellowing resistant, permanently elastic.

Technical Data:

adhesive system Silicone
curing mechanism two-component
Application surface bonding
Viscosity without capillary action
Color clear transparent
moisture resistant yes
Spacers no

Please note:

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