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Verifix® 2K-60

Verifix® 2K-60

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Technical Data

Adhesive system Two-component Acrylate Adhesive
Curing mechanism two-component
Application metal bonding
Construction open · closed
Viscosity without capillary action
Color clear
Moisture resistant no
Spacers no

Additional Information:

  • Verifix® 2-K-60 is a two-component structural adhesive on acrylate basis. It excels due to its outstanding flexibility, high force absorption and good temperature resistance. Verifix® 2-K-60 is suitable for bonding different materials such as metal, glass, ceramic and different plastics. The adhesive fully cures at room temperature. The pot life amounts to 1 minute. If you plan very demanding bonds, e.g. applications in humid environments, it is recommendable to pretreat the bonding surfaces with Pyrosil (BO 5209491).
  • Application using mixer nozzles BO 5500541 and applicator BO 5500502

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