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Brite Sheen™ Plus Glass Cleaner Brite Sheen™ Plus Glass Cleaner
BO 5107903
The upgraded Bohle BriteSheen(R) Plus Glass Cleaner is an exclusive formula,especially developed for the professional glazier. Industrial strength, streak freeaerosol formula with foaming action stays on the glass for better result....
Single edge razor blades .012" Double Faceted Single edge razor blades .012" Double Faceted
BO 5141014
Thicker 0.012“ blade for increased stability in situations that demand control. Ultra-long life. Used for many different applications including safety glass manufacturing, cleaning / scraping glass and mirrors and other substrates....
Scratch-A-Way scratch removal system electrical 120 V Scratch-A-Way scratch removal system electrical 120 V
BO 5300915
More than 90% of all scratches are surface scratches. They can be effortlessly removed step by step with the Scratch-A-Way scratch removal system. The worldwide patented Scratch-A-Way system stands out among the standard products...
Polishing Gel containing Cerium Polishing Gel containing Cerium
BO 5008004
Cero-Gel is a high quality polishing agent based on cerium oxide - a product made of rare earth elements. It excels due to the amount of dirt and grime it removes and the high brilliance of polished surfaces. Cero-Gel was especially...
XtraClean Cleaning Paste XtraClean Cleaning Paste
BO 5886001
XtraClean removes the most diverse types of contamination quickly and easily. It removes limescale from glass showers, cleans glass processing machines, and removes grinding residues, especially from satin-finished glass. XtraClean can...
Lint Free Paper Wipes Lint Free Paper Wipes
BA 5141612
White, heavy duty paper wipes in a pop-up dispenser box. - lint free paper wipes for all your glass and glazing needs - Can be purchased individually or per case - 6 boxes per case - 900 count. Made in USA. For use in various...
Window Washer with Fleece Window Washer with Fleece
BO 5553200
Window washer with lint-free, easy-to-exchange fleece cover for general cleaning of glass surfaces. Complete Set 13-3/4 in (35 cm)


Liftmaster B1 Lifting System Liftmaster B1 Lifting System
BO 88.01
The tendency towards increasingly larger glass constructions in architecture and the growing use of 2-gap insulating glass pose new challenges for glass processors and assemblers: Elements which could previously be moved by two people...

UV Bonding

Verifix® Glass Bonding Table for 90° bonds Verifix® Glass Bonding Table for 90° bonds
BO 5590100
This set contains the bonding table, a 45°/90° lamp holder, two holding devices and two Verifix® Pro 90° angle suction holders which allow performing rational 90° bonds quickly and safely. Attention: A forklift / long lift truck must...
Verifix® Glass Bonding Table for 45°/90° bonds Verifix® Glass Bonding Table for 45°/90° bonds
BO 5590200
The ideal product for performing both 90° and 45° bonds: Apart from the table, the set includes two lamp holders appropriate both for 45° mitre bonds and 90° bonds, two holding devices for locking the glass into place, two 45° mitre...
Verifix® Glass Bonding Table Deluxe for 45°/90° bonds Verifix® Glass Bonding Table Deluxe for 45°/90° bonds
BO 5590300
Apart from the accessories for BO 5590200, the Deluxe version includes a pair of Verifix® Pro angle suction holders and two UV lamps, one UVA-Star 500 and one UVA-Star 1410. This comprehensive set is appropriate both for 45° and 90°...

Glass Cutters

Toyo TC21 Custom-grip Supercutter Toyo TC21 Custom-grip Supercutter
BO 6021209
The Custom-grip Supercutter features a new 4-position handle for better down force, as well as a new spring-controlled oil flow system - in 6 fluorescent colors - Original Toyo product - Made in Japan
Oil Glass Cutter Toyo Oil Glass Cutter Toyo
TG 2013
Model "Thomas Grip" · with rotating grip for ergonomical handling
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