With our Master Glazier training programs we invite you to discover familiar as well as new glass processing techniques and technology. Learn from the professionals and share in the wealth of knowledge that Bohle is recognized for.

Participants in this seminar will gain a theoretical and practical understanding of various everyday glass cutting disciplines. The overall focus is on maximizing the user’s profitability and productivity through reduced material glass loss and improved processing time. Bohle’s range of glass tools and equipment.

2015 Master Glazier Workshops

Our Master Glazier Seminar programs are a practical one-day, hands-on approach to new technology and improved glass working techniques. Presented by German Master Glazier Volker Brock or Ursula Bayer (Bohle AG., Haan) and aimed at the modern Glass industry; Glazier’s, Glass Fabricators and Glass Working Professionals are invited to share in Bohle's 90 years of experience. Discover new ideas and techniques to apply to everyday applications as well ways of growing your existing business through new product offerings and services.

- Surface Technology
- Practical knowledge for day-to-day applications
- Discover ways to maximize your profitability through cost reduction techniques
- Diversify your business by introducing new lines and value added services

Seminars and Workshops

Our seminar leaders will come to your company!
The seminar is aimed at participants working in industrial glass processing who cut glass with standard CNC cutting tables or cutting plants.