Concealed floor spring can do without recess in the floor

At glasstec Bohle will launch a new concealed floor spring for glass doors which excels due to its simple and quick installation. Its distinctive feature: Whereas standard floor springs require a recess in the floor, which involves considerable effort for screed or concrete, this Bohle innovation can do completely without it. Instead, the hydraulic closing mechanism is integrated in the unobtrusive, 186 x 68 mm glass door hinge. It is mounted like a PT10 fitting. As a consequence the installation effort is much smaller. The concealed floor spring is therefore also suitable for underfloor heatings to a limited extent – you only have to make sure that when screw-fixing the bottom part none of the heating lines is 


Tested with 500,000 opening cycles


The concealed floor spring was designed as swinging door hinge, however, depending on the installation situation, it can also be used with a stopper. The maximum load capacity amounts to 100 kg. The system allows for door widths of 750 up to 1000 mm and heights up to 2500 mm for 8 - 13 mm tempered glass. The concealed floor spring was successfully tested with 500,000 cycles – this makes it suitable for use in a private setting but also for averagely frequented public buildings, for example, office buildings. 
When closing the door, the hydraulic system operates starting from an opening angle of 30° and gently draws the door back into its original position. For fine adjustments, the zero position can be adjusted within a range of 4°. The door reaches its hold position at an opening angle of 90°.