BriteGuard® Express lets glass shine for longer - effective surface protection for domestic use too

Designed for anyone who has a glass shower, a glass balcony balustrade or a glazed conservatory with a certain expectation of high-quality glass and would like to enjoy it for as long as possible: The BriteGuard® Express product in Bohle’s glass protection range quickly and easily coats smooth glass surfaces so that they are stain-resistant. BriteGuard® also prevents corrosion and reduces the need for cleaning. An extremely thin functional layer with very low surface tension produces the so-called ‘pearling effect’ and dirt caused by chalk, bird droppings or transport emissions can hardly adhere to the surface.


Easy to apply

BriteGuard® Express is the first end-user product in the range and is a retrofit coating that can be applied to glass and glazed ceramic surfaces. Simply apply the special liquid evenly to the clean glass surface and work in using a cloth. The surface is protected straight away. The protective effect is maintained for significantly longer than similar temporary products. Specialist companies can not only use the product quickly and easily themselves, but can also share them with their customers. 


Professional product provides ten years’ protection 

The BriteGuard® Surface Sealer protective product developed for professional use and tested by the TÜV is highly resistant and also sets new quality standards in terms of its durability. Tests confirm that the coating also shows hardly any decline in effectiveness after 10 years. The BriteGuard® Surface Sealer requires pre- and post-cleaning with special cleaning agents from the BriteGuard range as well. Suitable for use both indoors and outdoors, this coating makes smooth glass surfaces stain resistant and reduces the need for cleaning.