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Speed Skaters in Europe have been using the Cutex material to improve their performance whilst remaining cool and protected.  This same technology has been used in the production of cut-resistant garments for the glass industry to look after users in extreme work environments.

What is Cutex®?

Cutex® has been tested to a recognized US standard for safety wear and conforms to ASTM standards (ANSI/ISEA 105-2016 Section 5.1.1) for Cut-Resistant ratings A3 and A6.  The major advantage that the Cutex® material delivers to the user is that it provides light-weight, flexible protection whilst channeling moisture outwards to be evaporated. The end result is a cooling effect that allows for increased productivity and assists against the hazards of heat exhaustion.

The added high-performance athletic fabric (identified by the bold colors) allows the selected garments the benefit of fast-drying, breathable workwear that is permanently hydrophilic and anti-bacterial. 

How to order Cutex®?

Cutex® is brand new to the North American glass market and will be stocked and distributed through Bohle America, Inc.  Currently there are 22 different styles of Cutex® available, each available in a range of colors.

Bohle America will be stocking an appropriate selection of these styles that meet the needs of the US glass professional and they will be available to order online and through our customer service dept. in sizes 5 standard sizes:  Medium, Large, X-Large, 2X-Large, 3X-Large.

The complete range of Cutex® is available to view on the Cutex® global website

For samples, pricing, style information and availability, please contact Bohle America through the following form and we will be happy to assist you. Alternatively contact our Customer Service Dept. on (704) –247-8400 (Monday – Friday between 8am – 5pm EST)

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