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BriteGuard® Pro – Protecting Your Surface in a Matter of Seconds

BriteGuard® Pro is a transparent coating for all smooth glass and glazed ceramic surfaces. The coating protects the surface against corrosion and in turn creates an easy to clean surface in which dirt particles and other contaminates cannot adhere to.
» BriteGuard® Pro – Protecting Your Surface in a Matter of Seconds 

VERIBOR® – The Next Generation of Suction Lifters

By now, it´s hard to imagine transporting and installing large sheets made of building materials without vacuum lifters. Bohle has just developed a new generation of Veribor® plastic suction lifters which has not only been visually updated and also offers more comfort than before.
» VERIBOR® – The Next Generation of Suction Lifters

MasterTrack FT

The glass sliding door system of the new generation: MasterTrack FT stands out due to its patented dampers and its unique roller units with revolutionary running smoothness. Also the installation is revolutionary. The system can be mounted to the wall or ceiling with a few simple steps. Also dimensioning for inserting the glass pane in the clamping mechanism becomes superfluous.


Graffiti on your house wall? Deposits on machines? Stubborn dirt is hard to remove. Powerful yet gentle cleaning is a question of the right agent and its ingredients. The XtraClean cleaning paste from Bohle is based on a completely new cleaning formula: Using the finest microparticles, essential oils and surfactants, it achieves an especially thorough yet gentle cleaning effect. It protects the surface even in case of hard dirt deposits, such as paint residues or rust.

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