MasterTrack FT – maximum comfort, minimum mounting effort

With MasterTrack FT, Bohle offers a new high-tech complete solution for sliding door systems which stands out due to its revolutionary running smoothness and tangible ease of movement. What is so special about it? The entire installation requires only a few simple steps. Mounting is quick, intuitive and thus cost-effective.

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High-tech product for exceptional running smoothness

The technically sophisticated carriages and the patented all-metal dampers form the centrepiece of MasterTrack and integrate into one optimally tuned unit.

For mounting the glass door into the clamping carriages, no measuring is required. The clamp is simply positioned flush on the edge of the glass door. Special clamping inserts inside the carriage guarantee a safe and stable support of the glass. It is so safe and stable that even laminated safety glass can be fixed without drilling – even at door weights up to 330 lbs.

Ideally tailored force absorption


The innovative damper slows down the sliding door softly and seamlessly in one movement. The dampers are equipped with high quality hydraulics and a double-sided spring guide. Their resistance is perfectly harmonised to the particular weight class. Irrespective of closing speed, both extremely wide and extremely narrow sliding doors starting from 600 mm are gently slowed down.

The dampers are always constructed identically, ranging from the light to the heavy weight classes. The only difference: They vary in length in order to enable optimal damping and retracting of the different weight classes.


Design & Comfort

  • Impressive running smoothness
  • Exceptional ease of movement
  • Soft and reliable closing mechanism
  • Ideal force absorption and safe anti-jump mechanism
  • Elegant appearance in the weight classes ranging from 60 via 80 and 120 up to 150 kg
  • Simultaneously opening doors possible
  • Surfaces in metallic look or in on-trend or custom colours

Installation & Technology

  • Intuitive and cost-effective installation
  • Carriage installation requires no measurement
  • All adjustments can be conveniently carried out from the front
  • Maintenance-free upon installation
  • Modular system in all weight classes
  • CAD drawings available
  • All-metal dampers with high-quality hydraulics and a double-sided spring guide
  • Wall distance profile / Glass/wall installation profile
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