BriteGuard® Pro – Protecting Your Surface in a Matter of Seconds

BriteGuard® Pro is a transparent coating for all smooth glass and glazed ceramic surfaces. The coating protects the surface against corrosion and in turn creates an easy to clean surface in which dirt particles and other contaminates cannot adhere to.

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Pre-clean, apply, wipe dry, done!

Pre-clean, apply, wipe dry, done! The coating is suited both for interior and exterior applications and lasts for up to 10 years. The coating makes the glass surface hydrophobic and easy to clean. Contaminates such as dirt, limescale and minerals do not ahere to the glass surface and water droplets bead up and roll away. Harsh cleaning products are no longer required to keep the glass clean.  Unlike with other coatings on the market, the application of BriteGaurd Pro can be easily done through a variety of manual spray systems; there is no need for high priced application systems. Use any non-silicone glass cleaner to prepare the glass for the coating. Simple and easy and cost-effective.

BriteGuard® Pro is the evolution of BriteGuard® Surface Sealer and BriteGuard® Express: It combines the durability and functionality of the BriteGuard®® Sealer and the speed of application of the BriteGuard® Express. The best of both a products resulting in an outstanding coating for the modern glass professional.

Permanent surface protection even after 100,000 wipe cycles

Measuring the contact angle serves for quality assurance purposes of a surface protection system:
The contact angle (also known as the wetting angle) is the angle formed between a drop of liquid on the surface of a solid material to the surface. The size of the contact angle between the liquid and solid material depends on the interaction between the materials on the contact surface. The smaller this interaction is, the larger the contact angle will be. By identifying the contact angle, certain properties of the surface (e.g. surface energy), can be determined. The larger the contact angle, the more difficult it is to wet the solid material and the less foreign bodies are able to adhere to the surface.

The contact angle measurement data for BriteGuard® prove a very good constant contact angle and thus a durable surface protection – even after 100,000 wipe cycles.

Application recommendation

After applying BriteGuard® Pro with a cotton cloth or a practical spray bottle, we recommend polishing the surface with a microfibre cloth. In this way, you really save time compared to ordinary paper towels!

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