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FrameTec Select 2.0

Glass partition walls flood rooms with light and provide unequalled transparency with a beautiful open atmosphere. In addition, it saves the installer time and additional costs, which also makes this system attractive from an economic point of view. This is especially true of partition walls like the Bohle FrameTec Select 2.0. With its numerous and flexible options, such as integrated transom and sidelites, it is the optimum choice for your project.

» FrameTec Select 2.0 – Glass partition door kit system


Bohle is proud to present our newest series of Alva self-closing hydraulic patch fitting that includes an improved base plate design. Now featured as a core component of Alva Elevations, an innovative swing door and partition hardware program that makes it simple to glaze the entire opening.

» Alva – Self-closing patch fitting in a class of its own 

MasterTrack FT

The glass sliding door system of the new generation: MasterTrack FT stands out due to its patented dampers and its unique roller units with revolutionary running smoothness. Also the installation is revolutionary. The system can be mounted to the wall or ceiling with a few simple steps. Also dimensioning for inserting the glass pane in the clamping mechanism becomes superfluous.

Automatic glass cutting sample kit

Bohle is now offering sample boxes to help you determine the perfect product for your cutting demands! We are currently offering 5 different boxes. Please note: there are times when a specific cutting machine manufacturer may utilize multiple style wheel holders or diameter cutting wheels.

» Automatic glass cutting sample kit – Find your perfect cutting wheel

BriteGuard® Pro – Protecting Your Surface in a Matter of Seconds

BriteGuard® Pro is a transparent coating for all smooth glass and glazed ceramic surfaces. The coating protects the surface against corrosion and in turn creates an easy to clean surface in which dirt particles and other contaminates cannot adhere to.
» BriteGuard® Pro – Protecting Your Surface in a Matter of Seconds 

Veribor® - The premium aluminium suction lifters

Suction lifters made of aluminum are robust and extremely durable. As Veribor® quality products, they require continuous development. Comfort, ergonomics and design are the driving forces for the new aluminum series. The solid construction and the reduced design, for clear lines, complement each other perfectly.
» Veribor® - The premium aluminium suction lifters

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