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Alva Set Self-closing Patch Fitting Including PT20 PLUS patch fitting and top pivot

Technical Data

Line Alva
Material stainless steel satin (US32D)

Additional Information:

Thanks to its outstanding functions, such as convenient installation options and clear shaping,... more

Thanks to its outstanding functions, such as convenient installation options and clear shaping, the Alva patch fitting is among the best in its class. The self-closing Alva patch fitting enables quick mounting without the need for a time-consuming floor recess. This is due to the fact that the hydraulics for the self-closing function are integrated in the slim fitting itself. The fitting is fixed to the ground with only two screws instead of four and the aid of a base plate. To make drilling into the substrate as convenient as possible, there is a distance of 1-1/8" (29 mm) between the wall and the first drill hole, leaving enough space for the drilling machine. The closing speed and the latching mechanism can be adjusted continuously. High quality adjusting valves enable several precise fine-tuning steps of the closing function over a longer period of time. The fitting design is especially simple and straightforward. Thanks to the innovative plug-in fastening, there are no visible screws or fastening points on the cover caps of the patch fitting and the base plate. Black inserts, giving the impression of a shadow gap, emphasize the high-quality appearance of the system. Alva has been certified as per DIN EN 1154 according to European standards for a long service life and outstanding functionality. The self-closing patch fitting with EN3 closing force is suited for the majority of standard glass doors.

  • For averagely frequented buildings
  • Tested by ift Rosenheim with 500,000 cycles as per DIN EN 1154
  • Continuously adjustable closing speed and latching mechanism 170° - 15° / 15° - 0°
  • Can be used with stopper
  • Suitable for indoor and roofed outdoor areas
  • Door width 29-1/2 - 39-3/8" (750 - 1000 mm)
  • max. door height 101-15/16" ( 2590 mm)
  • adjustable zero position ±3°
  • Glass thickness tempered glass 5/16" - 15/32" (8 - 12 mm)
  • ambient temperature -20° - +50°C
  • Corrosion resistance 3
  • Size 7-1/4" x 2-3/4" (184 x 70 mm)
  • Black inserts for all surfaces
  • Please note: Do not use with laminated safety glass.

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Product highlights

  • Quick installation without floor recess
  • Only two drill holes required for safely fixing the base plate
  • Simple fine-tuning of the door
  • High quality appearance without visible screws or fastening points
  • Black inserts
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