Why Portals?

Quality - We design and manufacture our own hardware which allows us to offer you a lifetime warranty

Service - We stock our hardware centrally in the United States and ship 96% of our orders the same day

Value - We offer a range of product with product competitively priced to compete with our one large competitor

What products do we offer?

In a simple approach we offer the following:
• Hinges
• Hooks
• Knobs
• Pulls
• Towel Bars
• Mirror Clamps

We stock over 3,000 products at our warehouse and can build another 1,000 to order

Add in that we offer a wide array of finishes and we feel confident that you will have the options you need to do the job and wow your customer.

How do you learn more?

Take a look at our website www.portalshardware.com and make sure to visit our inspiration gallery as well as familiarizing yourself with our “suites” of products. We know what may go in to each project, so we’ve made sure to arrange the products in a way that makes it efficient for you to order.

Phone: (816) 942-7413
E-mail: email@portalshardware.com

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