Handling Technology from Bohle

Glass, tiles, flagstones or coated wood – the most diverse materials are employed for outdoor building and interior fit-out. Regardless of which material you are planning to install or to move: Bohle´s vacuum technology division offers a suitable product to ease lifting and handling for almost any challenge. The company´s extensive Veribor suction lifter range has been optimised for the most diverse demands and materials. Depending on the type of application, there are different approaches available. Here you will find an overview:

Pump-activated Suction Lifters

Equipped with only one suction pad, pump-activated suction lifters enable the manual transport of a wide array of materials with a carrying capacity of up to 120 kg. The vacuum is generated by engaging the pump tappet. In case of its partial loss, the vacuum can be renewed at any time, even with a load attached to the suction lifter. In addition, thanks to the position of the pump tappet, the operator has permanent visual monitoring of the vacuum level, which is crucial for being awarded the GS certificate by the German TÜV Technical Inspection Agency. Almost all Bohle Veribor® pump-activated suction lifters have been granted this certification by TÜV for their supreme quality and safety.

Lever-activated Suction Lifters

Due to their special construction, the lever-activated suction lifters are particularly suited for use in adverse ambient conditions, e.g. dust and humidity. Engaging the lever, the vacuum is generated by enlarging the hollow space between the surface of the load and the suction pad. Depending on the intended use, Bohle Veribor® lever-activated suction lifters are available with 1-3 suction pads and a load capacity of up to 100 kg. Many Bohle Veribor® products are available both with and without vacuum gauge.

Easy Handling of Heavyweights

Transporting or mounting large and heavy glass and sheet elements can pose a significant challenge. The Bohle Liftmaster B1 enables handling heavy loads of up to 180 kg comfortably and ergonomically by only one person. The integrated vacuum technology is the centrepiece of this universal lifting device which operates in a self-contained way by means of a hand pump.

The Bohle Liftmaster B1 is designed so that it fits through standard apartment doors. Its compact design and manoeuvrability moreover enable its use in confined spaces within a building.

A firm stand is guaranteed by the stable construction without impairing the agility of the device. Furthermore, the device is ready for use independently of power supply and therefore ideally suited for construction sites. The Bohle Liftmaster B1 can be transported in an estate car.

Apart from that, Bohle also offers suitable applications for very heavy loads, such as electrically driven lifting equipment up to transporting pliers.

Carrying Aids without Vacuum

Transporting pliers, carrying devices, clamping carriages or straps – here you will find a selection of carrying aids which make transport easier and more ergonomic.

Quality Guarantee for Vacuum Handling

Due to the use of special raw materials and shapes, the Veribor suction pads ideally adapt to any surface. The prerequisite is that the surface be largely gastight and that the weight of the flat components still allows handling them by hand. What many don´t know is that Bohle vacuum lifters are subject to the most stringent quality controls. Each product undergoes two standardised tests according to TÜV regulations. On the one hand, Bohle checks the carrying capacity, and on the other hand, the slipping path is measured. Both measurements take place on the most diverse surfaces and under maximum load conditions. Only products which pass those tests without problems are made available to Bohle customers. 

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