Glass Cutting and Glass Breaking

One of the first steps when processing flat glass is cutting large panes into smaller units. By scoring the glass surface, tensions in the glass are released and lead to the break when bending the pane in a controlled manner – either by hand or with a tool. Only when using a suitable tool is it guaranteed that the glass breaks precisely where desired. Glass cutting and breaking products were among the first items Josef Bohle had been manufacturing since 1923. Trademarks such as Silberschnitt® and Diamantor® have gained an international reputation and form the basis of the product range which is part of Bohle´s core competencies. This product overview probably contains the largest and most comprehensive selection worldwide of cutting and breaking products for flat glass.

Get the perfect cut with cutting fluid and suitable cutting wheels

A proper cut requires cutting fluid – to open the cut more easily (the cutting fluid penetrates into the fissure) and to lubricate the wheel and axle. Make your daily work easier with glass cutters with an integrated reservoir for cutting fluid.

Carbide cutting wheels are a prerequisite for the perfect balance between an optimum cutting result and a particularly long tool life. Bohle´s long-standing experience in manufacturing these wheels results in high quality products for different areas of application.

One of the first products Josef Bohle manufactured in 1923 were cutting wheels made of tempered steel. Arguably the best-known glass cutters around the world – such as the legendary 100.0 – are equipped with these wheels. Glass cutters with steel wheels enable particularly economic glass cutting.

Thick glass cutting

Cutting thick glass is becoming increasingly important, however, it can cause a series of problems depending on glass quality and the requirements placed on the final result. The solution: Bohle’s innovative products for thick glass processing. Whether for cutting or breaking glass, for straight or shaped cuts – you will find everything you need!

Circle cutters, oval cutting machines & shape templates

Circle or oval cuts place great demands on cutting quality – especially when working with thick glass. Apart from the traditional circle and oval cutters for standard glass thicknesses, Bohle also offers a comprehensive portfolio for the most diverse applications. Bohle´s extensive range of templates, mostly suited for use with the Silberschnitt® System 2000, makes shape cutting as easy as can be.  As a result we provide a simple solution for almost all demanding cutting problems.

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