The Comprehensive Bohle UV Bonding Certification Program

2 days seminar at Bohle America, Inc. in Charlotte or Kansas City

For over 25 years Bohle has been known as the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of UV bonding adhesives, UV lights, fi xation devices and bonding showcase hardware. Participants in this 2 day program will gain a complete understanding and knowledge of the correct method for UV bonding glass to glass and glass to metal and as well as gaining competency and confi dence to pursue this complex yet highly lucrative glass furniture process.
High quality, optically clear and bubble free bonds that are void of delamination are possible every time with the correct technique.
Participants will be required to take part in building a variety of 3 dimensional, functional show cases with hinges, shelving and locks. On successful competition of the Program, each participant will receive a UV Bonding Compliance Certificate and the company associated will be entered into the Bohle Competent UV Bonding Database for project references.

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UV Bonding Theory

  1. Understanding the Methodology: Understanding UV adhesives, UV lights, Fixation devices, Cleaners

  2. Understanding Substrates · Tempered Glass vs. Laminated Glass vs. Float Glass vs. Acrylic

  3. Fields of Application: Glazier applications · Store Fixtures Fabrication · Shower Enclosures

  4. Understanding Pre-Treatments Pyrosil® Surface Treatment Technology

  5. Understanding show case hardware

Hands-on Practical Application

  1. 3/8” glass thickness - 90° butt joint and mitered edge bonding

  2. Shower enclosure and vertical applications

  3. Bonding with a UV table

  4. Showcase Construction: Hinges, locks, internal shelves

  5. Decorative surface bonding of textured glass to glass

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This course is designed for both users that have an experience with bonding as well for newcomers to this technology.
Come and get certified through the most comprehensive UV Bonding program in the glass industry and add value to your business. Do not miss out on this opportunity.

Discover our Training Program with...

Master Glazier Volker

Volker Brock resides in the town of Haan, Germany and holds a German Master Glazier and a European Adhesive Specialist qualification.

As Product Manager for Surface Technology, Volker Brock brings extensive experience with the process of UV bonding, as well as other glazing areas such as Glazing Techniques and Glass Cutting. Volker has traveled the world educating the glass industry in at least 15 different countries leading Master Glazier Seminars that cover these subjects. Volker has been with Bohle AG since 2000 and has been a major influence in the technical development of glass lamination, surface coatings and UV adhesive products in the international market under the brands Verifix® and BriteGuard®.

Master Glazier Ursula

Ursula Bayer resides in the town of Haan, Germany and holds a German Master Glazier qualification since 2002.

Ursula Bayer is a Technical Consultant for Glass and Glaziers’ Techniques and has been at Bohle AG since 2003. Ursula has a long and impressive record in the education and training of glaziers on tool applications, surface coatings and of course UV bonding. When she is not training in one of the many countries that Bohle group has a location, she is actively assisting in the technical development of glazing tool applications, surface coatings and the UV bonding range in the market under the brands Silberschnitt®, Verifix® and BriteGuard®. Ursula well known for her work with German Glazing Schools as well as her annual appearances at GlassBuild America and we look forward to her being there again this Fall.

Master Glazier Dieter

Dieter Biolik is a Technical Consultant with Bohle AG and brings a broad background to the training of UV specialists.

Dieter reached Master Glazier status in 1995 and recently added a certification as a European Adhesive Specialist. Dieter joined the Bohle Group in 2007 with an impressive background including several years as the technical consultant at the German Federal Guild of Glaziers, the representative organization for all German glaziers.  At Bohle, Dieter consults customers in areas of Silberschnitt Glass Cutters, UV-Glue, BriteGuard, glass processing, EVA lamination, Veribor suction technology and fittings. Dieter is also active with demonstrations and consultations during trade shows and he is responsible for the organization and implementation of seminars, both internal & external, to Bohle employees and customers.

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