Everything for the glass professional!

At Bohle America you will find the right solution for every challenge. We have over 3,600 SKUs listed in our Charlotte facility and a little over 4,800 in our Portals warehouse in Kansas City.  We are confident we offer everything you need for your work. Order conveniently online or contact us by phone or fax.  We are look forward to meeting all of your needs!

Ordering online

If you do choose to order online, we’ve worked hard to make it a seamless experience. So whether you logging in during business hours or in the middle of the night, the Bohle America online store is ready for your business!  

Immediate delivery

There is no delay in waiting for orders to be fulfilled.  Order confirmations and lead-times will be communicated quickly so you can plan out your work effectively. 

Our Salespeople

We have a staff of experienced professionals in many territories throughout the United States and there are plans to add even more.  For our current list of the outside sales team visit our contact page

Professional advice

We have the staff and knowledge to support you technical needs.  In North American and globally it is experience you can rely on! See our Technical Service page for more details. 

Phone, Fax, E Mail

T 1 704 247 8400
F 1 704 247 8420
E info@bohle-america.com


Proven Quality

Quality is the leading principle at Bohle America – in every area. To live up to this standard, we develop and manufacture many products, thus having more control on the outcome and providing you with the product you expect with the performance you demand.

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