FrameTec Select 2.0

Glass partition door kit system

Glass partition door kit system

Glass partition walls flood rooms with light and provide unequalled transparency with a beautiful open atmosphere. In addition, it saves the installer time and additional costs, which also makes this system attractive from an economic point of view. This is especially true of partition walls like the Bohle FrameTec Select 2.0. With its numerous and flexible options, such as integrated transom and sidelites, it is the optimum choice for your project.

A system with many benefits

  • Flexible installation variants
  • Quick and cost-saving assembly
  • Fixed cover of the narrow multi-function channel by the clip profile
  • High quality processing
  • Dry glazing with plug-in seals
  • Pre-assembled sets - can be shortened individually
  • Low-profile, uniform appearance

Select Your Elevation

The flexible design of FrameTec Select 2.0 allows for multiple installation options. Doorways can be created with or without sidelites as well as transoms on hinge or latch sides of the door. The FTS 1 (Standard Door Kit) can be expanded upon depending on your unique doorway. Preview our elevations below and read ahead for more information on kits and available hardware.

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