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BriteGuard® Express BriteGuard® Express
Protect your showers quickly and easily before mounting with BriteGuard® Express. The coated glass surface is protected immediately and can be cleaned easily. In this way your customer will enjoy a high quality shower for a long time....
BriteGuard® Limescale Remover BriteGuard® Limescale Remover
BriteGuard® Limescale Remover is a mild, slightly viscous cleaner on the basis of natural organic acids. It is conceived for easy removal of stubborn limescale deposits. The product is suitable for use on glass or ceramic, metal and...
BriteGuard® Sticker BriteGuard® Sticker
For labelling glass coated with BriteGuard® roll of 100 pcs 1-3/16 × 9/16 in (30 × 15 mm) Color transparent / blue
BriteGuard® Surface ACTIVATOR BriteGuard® Surface ACTIVATOR
The glass surface must always be pre-cleaned with Surface Activator, regardless of whether it looks clean or dirty. With BriteGuard a single cleaner suffices.
BriteGuard® Surface FINISHER BriteGuard® Surface FINISHER
When smooth surfaces have been coated, you also need Surface Finisher for the final cleaning. Rough surfaces only need to be polished after they have been coated with Surface Sealer X.
BriteGuard® Surface SEALER BriteGuard® Surface SEALER
Surface SEALER is suitable for all smooth glass or glazed ceramic surfaces. It makes no difference whether the coated material will be used indoors or outdoors or whether you want to protect showers, partitions, conservatories, facades...
BriteGuard® Surface SEALER X BriteGuard® Surface SEALER X
Surface SEALER X was specially developed for rough surfaces. This can be glass that is satin finished or sandblasted. Together with the 16.9 oz (0.5 litre 9 bottle, spray head BO 5107810 is included in the delivery) Shelf life...
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